Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Urban Decay Naked Lipstick

Everyone has heard of the Urban Decay Naked Palette but how many people talk about the lipstick. Yes ladies… there is Naked Lipstick. My gorgeous friends gave this as well as some other cosmetic lovelies to me for my birthday but I have only recently got round to using it. To be fair I think I judged it too quickly… it was a nude which isn’t usually what I go for but I thought I would give it a go. So here is what I thought…

The Packaging: The Lipstick is in a very pretty purple case with a sword/ dagger sticking out from the bottom but if you are being practical it’s actually quite rubbish. It quite big and bulky, it is also a pain to store or put in your cosmetic bag. I think it's the dagger that is the most annoying, I just keep wondering why it is there?

See the dagger?

The colour: Like I said previously I am not that keen on Nudes, I usually go for something more red. There are some deeper elements to this colour, its closer to pink than brown which is quite flattering. The one I have leaves a very pretty glossy sheen on my lips. I think there are about 13 colours in the collection, all with fab names so quite a big collections.

The Texture: It feels so good on your lips. This really swayed be towards this lipstick. It feels super moisturising on my lips, which is unusual for a lipstick. It does mention that the lipstick contains a variety of different nourishing vitamins so that might account for this feeling.

Look at the sheen on that!
The price: Each cost £13.00 so about the same as a MAC lipstick but with better texture.

The smell: It smells like playdough. I don’t mind the smell but some people might.

Extra bonus: The Vitamins!

Bad point: For me; the packaging in particular the dagger.

Overall I think this is a great lipstick, might have to check out the other colours and but will need to break off the dagger. >.<

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