Sunday, 18 September 2011


I got my Glossy box!!! So excited!

For those who have not heard of Glossybox, it’s a great subscription service. The idea is that you subscribe to Glossybox and every month you will have a box posted to you fill with at least five samples of high end skincare and cosmetic. Sometimes you will receive sample size or full size products. Some brands you might have heard of but some you might not. The monthly subscription is a very reasonable £10.

You wont be able to choose what you get, but when you subscribe you will fill out a questionnaire about yourself, your likes and dislikes, you wear a lot of makeup or is skincare important etc.

I really like the anticipation, not knowing what you are going to get is really exciting. It’s like getting a present every month. ><

So back to what I received in my September Glossybox.

1. Dead sea Spa Magik. Salt Brushing
Two sachets of body exfoliator.

2. Green People Fruitful Night
A sample size tube of night cream for younger looking skin.

3. HD Brows Eye and Brow Palette

4. Neal and Wolf Glow super Shine spray

100ml bottle

5. Plum by Mary Greenwell

Signature scent- 1.5ml

I have only taken a look at the products not tried anything yet but as from first glance I can see me liking the HD brow palettes a lot. There are so many brow palettes and pencils with limited colours for me- it either too dark or too light this palette has 4 shades to mix around with, seems perfect.

Unfortunately for me Plum perfume was not really for me. I thought it was slightly strong for me personally.

More updates on the others on a later date….

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