Friday, 26 August 2011

My first dress- Wine coloured sundress

My sister brought me a great birthday present this year! Its a little red sewing machine from John Lewis. Its so so cute and also very functional. It has help me do the odd alterations here and there, adjusting hemlines, coverting trousaurs into skirts etc.

But I was itching to do something a bit more challanging!

I decided to try my hand at making a dress. I am a novice so I wanted to find something with as little tricky bit a possible. Zips and button holes would have been a challenge since my machine was very basic, 10 different stiches and its not able to change foot. I was browsing online to see what I could find and stumbled on a great website for beginners like me.
Its a sewing community which shared patterns, skills and techniques it also has blogs and discussions.

I found this great pattern
I brought some material off ebay and i was ready to go

It took me a day to make my dress, not as much time as I thought I might need. There were a few terms that appeared on the instuctions that I wasnt familar with but since knowledge is now always at our fingertips I googled the terms and found useful sites and videos on youtube that explained clearly how I should tackle things such as darts and facing.

So here is the result! :)

Yes I am very proud of my little dress. Its slightly short at the back and the right armhole is slightly tight but hey its my first attempt!  I feel very accomplished and feel that this will motivate me to do lots more projects like this.
Watch this space!

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