Friday, 1 July 2011

Girlz Only Dry Shampoo

So I was plodding along Tesco doing my weekly shopping when I made a new discovery.

Girlz Only Hair Care. Dry Shampoo in the scent Dawn ‘til Dusk. All dry shampoo makes the same claims of reviving hair between washes so I decided to try and see how it holds up compared to my normal bottle of Batiste.

My thoughts…

There were only two scents on offer when I brought this, a pink can in Party Nights and the scent that I got which was Dawn ‘til Dusk in the green can. The scent I chose was refreshing and light. It’s a new brand so I think there could be more scents in the future when it starts getting more popular.

It did not leave a horrid white film that some other dry shampoo brands does if you over do it.

My hair remained fresh all day and I even had some volume.

It was very comparable to Batiste!

The price is extremely competitive at only £1 for a 150ml can. Depending on where you purchase Batiste it could be anything between £2.20- 2.50 for the 150ml.

The edge I think Batiste has is that it does have a bigger range of scents and it does come in 50ml handbag size bottle which themselves cost £1.40.

In my opinion both are good products but if I was just looking for a dry shampoo that smelled nice and does the job I would definitely go with Girlz only. I see little point in paying extra for what essentially is just the brand name!

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