Friday, 3 June 2011

Malaysia Haul

Back from my holiday in Malaysia and armed with loads of goodies.  Thought I would share with you guys.

I took a quick trip to Hong Kong while i was in KL and also picked up a few things there as well.

These mini nail polishes i picked up in Hong Kong for about 30p each, was a great deal.  I was in real need of nail polish as I had ruined my pedicure by accident and as I was attending a wedding when i got back to KL I need some polish pronto! And at these prices who could say no?

LipIce Water Colour Lip Moisturiser in three shades and Nivea Fruity shine. 

I got some tinted lip balm to add to my ever growing collection.  The Lip Ice was about RM15 making it about £3 the Nivea was about a similar price

I picked up some Japanese Mascara, these make such a difference to oriental lashes.  The fibres in their formula really does create volume and length for our stumpy lashes.  They don't melt or smear!  I even found one that throw in a free eyeliner.

I saw these in a drugstore in Malaysia and wanted to give them  try.  I thought they might be god for setting concealer.  One of them even came with a tiny bottle of lotion- so cute!

This I have always wanted to try!  Its called a 'Fringe Stabliser'  Wicked name right? :) You slide it into your hair and it holds your fringe in place without leaving a dent like other clips.

Some eyelashes... of course.  The small ones I got at a night market in Malaysia, I think they worked out to be about 20p each.

Finally- i got this cute little brush set. 

The great thing about shopping in Asia is that there are so many cute little thing to pick up for such bargain prices!

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