Sunday, 26 June 2011

Dr G BB Cream

I have finally been able to get my hands on some BB cream to try out while I was in Malaysia.

If you are not familiar with BB cream; it’s a beauty product that has been made popular by Korean screen stars.  As many Asian/ Oriental screen actresses do not want to appear like they have plastered a layer, thin or otherwise of make up on their faces many have opted for BB cream as an alternative to foundation.   It claims to give light coverage which helps give the actresses the look of effortless beauty.
BB stands for Blemish Balm, its formula claims to be across between a foundation, a moisturiser, a sunblock and at times even a primer.   The idea originally came from Germany in the 50s, seem strange that we only seem to have caught on now!   As it has been such a hit in South Korea the hype has filtered in the rest of the Oriental countries and now even bigger European brands such as Clinique, MAC and Estee Lauder have jumped on to the bandwagon o offer their versions of BB cream.
The BB cream I picked up is by Dr Gowoonsesang.  A Korean brand which is sold in a Hong Kong cosmetics chain store (Sasa) in Kuala Lumpur…yes I know.  I happen to pick up a limited edition bottle; it’s has brightening properties and SPF 30.
So the bottle of this was RM 95 which is roughly £19 for 60ml, so quite a bargain for a product that claims to be so multifunctional.
The packaging is very travel friendly, as it’s a squeeze bottle instead of a glass bottle.
The texture is the same a many face creams, not greasy and absorbs easily into the face.  It looks very much like a tinted moisturiser.
A little goes along way as far as I’m concerned; as it’s a brightening product I feel that it leaves a slight ashy look to my complexion if too much is used.  I feel that I need to put on a little moisturiser before application otherwise I feel the look ends up ever so slightly powdery.
I think I prefer my Touch of Foundation by Olay as I feel it gives my face a dewy look which I prefer.  I don’t feel that this particular product lived up to its hype.  It was able to give me some coverage but not more that Olay.  Its consistency was slightly thicker than Olay which meant it was not as light.  It also gives off a slight greyish tinge at the being but later in the day the formula oxidizes giving off better colouring.  This could be due to my own colouring as I am not as fair as many Koreans?
I would not buy this again, not because it was not good but because it was not particularly special.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Malaysia Haul

Back from my holiday in Malaysia and armed with loads of goodies.  Thought I would share with you guys.

I took a quick trip to Hong Kong while i was in KL and also picked up a few things there as well.

These mini nail polishes i picked up in Hong Kong for about 30p each, was a great deal.  I was in real need of nail polish as I had ruined my pedicure by accident and as I was attending a wedding when i got back to KL I need some polish pronto! And at these prices who could say no?

LipIce Water Colour Lip Moisturiser in three shades and Nivea Fruity shine. 

I got some tinted lip balm to add to my ever growing collection.  The Lip Ice was about RM15 making it about £3 the Nivea was about a similar price

I picked up some Japanese Mascara, these make such a difference to oriental lashes.  The fibres in their formula really does create volume and length for our stumpy lashes.  They don't melt or smear!  I even found one that throw in a free eyeliner.

I saw these in a drugstore in Malaysia and wanted to give them  try.  I thought they might be god for setting concealer.  One of them even came with a tiny bottle of lotion- so cute!

This I have always wanted to try!  Its called a 'Fringe Stabliser'  Wicked name right? :) You slide it into your hair and it holds your fringe in place without leaving a dent like other clips.

Some eyelashes... of course.  The small ones I got at a night market in Malaysia, I think they worked out to be about 20p each.

Finally- i got this cute little brush set. 

The great thing about shopping in Asia is that there are so many cute little thing to pick up for such bargain prices!