Sunday, 8 May 2011

Travel Jewellery Pouch

I received something for my birthday from one of my Besties and am very excited to finally be able to put it into good use!

Have you travelled somewhere and just thrown your jewellery in a bag hoping you will find it when you need it or like me chucked it into my make up bag? After reaching your destination you find your bracelets tangled with your necklaces and an earring missing here and there. Well my friend found me the perfect solution.

She found this in Laura Ashley, evident of the lovely girly and floral design.

Open it up and you will find nifty compartments for different jewellery. But what I really love is the ring holders that button in place so you can see which one is which and they are also safe and secured.

Once you have everything you need roll it up and tie it together.

Its fabric so easily squashable into your jam packed suitcase.

Great idea huh!

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  1. Really enjoying the blogposts Kath, keep it up. I agree Touch of Foundation is good. No7 also do a very good one with SPF and tint very nice.