Sunday, 24 April 2011

Whats in my pouch!

There is always going to moment when you wish you had certain items with you... so I decided to put them in a pouch and carry them whereever I go. This little pouch is my little life saver! An emergency kit so to speak.

 I just wanted to share this with you so you can also alway be prepared!

  1. My little pouch was from a gift set from Mac. It's about 10cm long and about 6cm wide so takes up very little room on your handbag.
  2. So the first important thing I have in here are plasters! Yes.... cuts and scraps are no problem now.
  3. Then I have the all important herbal medicated oil my Mum gave me in travel size.  Handy little things.  Its very similar to Tiger Balm or Vicks Balm really.  If you feel unwell we Orientals usually rub it on our temples. Magical stuff!
  4. The next is Vaseline.  I know it says Lip Therpy but you can use it on anything really.  Those emergency applications for chappy arms and legs when you've left the travel size body cream on your dressing table. Protecting your nose when you have a cold instead of walking around with an embarassing peely and red one.  Calming down your hair? the list is endless.
  5. Hair grips, ties and pins.  If you have long hair like me. you will know what life savers these can be.
  6. The trusty nail cutter.  Those moments when you have chipped or broken your nail need not be a problem anymore!
  7. Safety Pins!!!!  Rips, tears and vanishing buttons are the obvious uses for safety pins.  But I have recently read of another vital function.  If you have the misfortune of wearing the same dress as a fellow party goer you could you safety pins to refashion your outfit.  Genius... I know. lol
  8. And finally I have lip balm.  Although this is mainly just a personal thing as I am slight obsessed with lip products.

These are a few essentials that i find useful to carry around and thought it might be useful to share as i know we girls need to be prepared for all situations! :)

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