Sunday, 13 March 2011

From Trousers to a New Skirt!

I had a pair of the most awful trousers.  They were too short and too wide.  They were actually given to be by my sister but its so long ago I doubt she remembers now. >.<

The trousers were really wide and cropped slightly at the bottom, I cant remember specifically but I am guessing there was a period when they were all the rage?  They are made out of tweed and it just seem like a waste to throw them away or just leave it sitting in my wardrobe.  So I thought this could be a new mission for my sewing machine!

I cut the trousers to the desired length.  Then ripped out the inner seams of the trousers. 

I pinned the material so it started to look like a skirt and then sewed.  Usually people cut off the excess material first but I thought I should not cut anything as yet in case of an unexpected mistake. One you cut you cant go back!

I actually had to rip the seams out a couple of times before I got it right.

Once I actually did get it right- which means that it started to look like a skirt and not a pait of trousers with the legs sewn together - I was able to hem the skirt.

I found ironing it in place was far more easier than pinning the fabric in place.

The only thing I had to make sure was that the hem was straight. Not was easy as it might sound.

Then viola! A new skirt! Wooohoo!

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