Sunday, 13 March 2011

From Trousers to a New Skirt!

I had a pair of the most awful trousers.  They were too short and too wide.  They were actually given to be by my sister but its so long ago I doubt she remembers now. >.<

The trousers were really wide and cropped slightly at the bottom, I cant remember specifically but I am guessing there was a period when they were all the rage?  They are made out of tweed and it just seem like a waste to throw them away or just leave it sitting in my wardrobe.  So I thought this could be a new mission for my sewing machine!

I cut the trousers to the desired length.  Then ripped out the inner seams of the trousers. 

I pinned the material so it started to look like a skirt and then sewed.  Usually people cut off the excess material first but I thought I should not cut anything as yet in case of an unexpected mistake. One you cut you cant go back!

I actually had to rip the seams out a couple of times before I got it right.

Once I actually did get it right- which means that it started to look like a skirt and not a pait of trousers with the legs sewn together - I was able to hem the skirt.

I found ironing it in place was far more easier than pinning the fabric in place.

The only thing I had to make sure was that the hem was straight. Not was easy as it might sound.

Then viola! A new skirt! Wooohoo!

Friday, 4 March 2011

Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipsticks

Having heard quite a lot about the Natural Collections lipsticks I thought I’d pop off to Boots and have a look.

Natural collection is Boots own brand make up range. You can find in most big Boots stores. They have various make up from lipstick to foundation. Most products from this range are under £2 and Boots often does deals such as 3 for £5 so you can’t go wrong!

I have heard good things about their lipstick and blushes and decided to take a look. On this particular occasion I picked up three lipsticks but hoping to go back to check out their blushes.

Right to Left: Berry Sorbet, Rose Bud and Sweet Pea

I got three Moisture Shine Lipsticks, Sweet pea: slightly frosted pink, Berry Sorbet: no shimmer or frost berry colour and Rose Bud: natural pink, my lip colour but better.

The packaging is cheap but for a £1.99 is expected. Could pass for a lip balm.

The consistency is quite creamy when you put it on. Non greasy and light weight. Its not scented; it has no actual smell to it which I preferred over some others that have an over powering artificial scent to them.

Lasting power is average but as with the packaging is expected considering the price.

The colour range is slightly limited but this could depend on what store you go in to.

The look is not as shiny as the name might lead you to believe but it does look quite creamy and natural on my lips

All in all a good lipstick to consider especially if you want to try a new colour on yourself. I will definitely be repurchasing Rose Bud.