Sunday, 13 February 2011

Old Pair of Jeans to a New Bag

 It was a dull and wet afternoon, nowhere to go and no people to meet. Unusual for me.

So what was I going to do today?

Well, my lovely sister brought me a very cute red sewing machine for my birthday- thank you! And my friend got me a very very cool DIY fashion book- thank you! So I was feeling mighty creative! I decided that I would try my hand at making a bag. Seemed like a simple idea and I after seeing some very useful videos on You Tube and reading some blogs on the web I decided there was nothing left to do then to find some material and get on with it……

I had an old pair of jeans from my Uni days that just fit me… as in I could close the button and pull the zip up but I couldn’t breathe! I didn’t want to throw them away- its seem a shame to waste them since they still looked so new. So I decided to cut them….

My old pair of jeans

…. and this is how it turned out…..

Woohoo.... my creation

I even added adjustments so the bag can sit flat on a surface.

I even added a lining!

How it looks when you wear it.

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