Friday, 9 December 2011

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer

I have brought this great concealer last week. It’s not often that I rave about a concealer, its usually lipstick or lip balm or some other lip product but I’m so impressed with this one!

So let’s have a look at why I am so impressed with this.

The Packaging: The concealer is in a small tube with a doe foot application, so very similar to a lip gloss but slightly bigger. Not a major problem with the product but the print on the tub rubs off quite easily.

The colours: There are 4 colours to choose from, Light, Fair, Medium and Deep. I brought medium and feel it blends into my skin really well.

The price: Each cost £4.19, a very reasonable price for a very good concealer. I think it might be even cheaper in Superdrugs

The Texture: It’s a thick liquid that blends in very easily around the eyes. It also dries quite quickly and to a matte effect on the skin. I have greasier skin so I set it with a powder but you could get away with skipping this step.

The Coverage: I have incredibly dark under eye circle which I find difficult to cover. Even when it could look fine in the morning some concealers I use, transfer or rub off by the afternoon. With this concealer I find I still look quite respectable by the end of the work day.

I’ve heard about the rave reviews of this product but have never picked it up, usually forgoing it for something from another brand thinking this would never work- it’s from Collection 2000! Now I can’t believe I didn’t pick this up sooner!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Stila Lip Glaze Set! Bargain Alert!

Bargain alert!

My sister alerted me to a super bargain on Stila Lipglazes. ASOS is doing a special deal on a set of 8 Lip glaze for £16.

All of the lip glazes are full size so you are getting full size lip glazes for £2. What do you think bargain right. I've got mine, you getting yours?

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Glossybox October!

I got my second Glossy box!!! So excited!

It’s like a present every month.

Let’s see what I got in October’s Glossybox.

1. Dermalogica Age Smart Multivitamin Thermafoliant

Skin Polish.

2. Dermalogica Age Smart Multivitamin Power Masque

Face mask

3. Leighton Denny Expert Nails in Baydoll

4. Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyerliner in Moray

(a green mossy colour)

5. Robert Piguet

In Visa, Calypso and Fraces

I even got a little bonus from Glossy box. A cute little make up bag from Dermalogica with a little sample of their Renewal Lip Complex inside it!

The Information card is slightly bigger than last month’s. This could be due to all the QR codes that they have put on. They have a QR code next the information they put on each product which directs you to the product website. Quite handy if you discover you love the sample and want to order a full size one from the brand website.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Clinique's Chubby Stick

I have wanted to get this for a while now. I saw my friend putting it on after a dinner we had and was totally sucked in by the packaging. I just had to know what it was and where I could get it! I could never pass up on a lip product, especially one that looks so cute.

The Packaging: It will remind you of the crayons you used to use when you were little except that these only come in shades of different degrees of pink and red, maybe nudes if you are into that? If you twist the bottom more products shoots up from the top. I’m expecting that the point will disappear which could affect the cuteness or it could just look like a very blunt pencil?

The colour: From the shops I have visited there seems to be around eight colours to choose from. I purchase the ‘chunky cherry’ which seems to be quite popular as it was sold out everywhere I went. I finally got a hold of it in Harrods.

The price: Each cost £15.00 but have discovered recently that Boots are selling them for £14.00. You may need to run to a bigger Boots store as they are the only ones who usually stock Clinique

The Texture: The texture is very much like a Lip balm as it is after all a moisturising lip colour balm. When you first put it on it looks very glossy but does dry a little as you wear it longer. It could be the colour that I brought but I have had several people comment that it looks like a lip stain on the lips.

The smell: No smell that I can detect.

Extra bonus: Cute factor

Overall I think it was the packaging that attacted me first, the product is quite good and I might try some other colours

Sunday, 18 September 2011


I got my Glossy box!!! So excited!

For those who have not heard of Glossybox, it’s a great subscription service. The idea is that you subscribe to Glossybox and every month you will have a box posted to you fill with at least five samples of high end skincare and cosmetic. Sometimes you will receive sample size or full size products. Some brands you might have heard of but some you might not. The monthly subscription is a very reasonable £10.

You wont be able to choose what you get, but when you subscribe you will fill out a questionnaire about yourself, your likes and dislikes, you wear a lot of makeup or is skincare important etc.

I really like the anticipation, not knowing what you are going to get is really exciting. It’s like getting a present every month. ><

So back to what I received in my September Glossybox.

1. Dead sea Spa Magik. Salt Brushing
Two sachets of body exfoliator.

2. Green People Fruitful Night
A sample size tube of night cream for younger looking skin.

3. HD Brows Eye and Brow Palette

4. Neal and Wolf Glow super Shine spray

100ml bottle

5. Plum by Mary Greenwell

Signature scent- 1.5ml

I have only taken a look at the products not tried anything yet but as from first glance I can see me liking the HD brow palettes a lot. There are so many brow palettes and pencils with limited colours for me- it either too dark or too light this palette has 4 shades to mix around with, seems perfect.

Unfortunately for me Plum perfume was not really for me. I thought it was slightly strong for me personally.

More updates on the others on a later date….

Friday, 16 September 2011

His & Her Drawstring Bag

As it happens I am extremely groggy as I write this due to all the cold medication I have taken, please forgive the spelling and grammar! Due to my overwhelming need to show off I have decided to just show you the 'his' and 'her' drawstring bags I made in the weekend.

My husband and I take lunch to work. Beats a sandwich everyday right? Anyway his lunch bag was getting a bit grubby shall we say and I thought I would make him a new bag. I’m still a novice at sewing so I thought a drawstring bag would be the easiest- no zips or buttons etc. Denim was his suggestion which I thought was a good idea, it's hard wearing and appropriate for him I think.

It turned out quite well so I thought I would make one for myself. I used a scrap piece of material to make a heart to sew on. I had overestimated my skills slightly though, even after pinning heart to death on the fabric, the stitching was still wonky. Manoeuvring the fabric and negotiating the curves is harder than it looks! If you don’t look so closely I think I would get away with it.

So viola

His and her drawstring bags

Can sit flat on a table

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Urban Decay Naked Lipstick

Everyone has heard of the Urban Decay Naked Palette but how many people talk about the lipstick. Yes ladies… there is Naked Lipstick. My gorgeous friends gave this as well as some other cosmetic lovelies to me for my birthday but I have only recently got round to using it. To be fair I think I judged it too quickly… it was a nude which isn’t usually what I go for but I thought I would give it a go. So here is what I thought…

The Packaging: The Lipstick is in a very pretty purple case with a sword/ dagger sticking out from the bottom but if you are being practical it’s actually quite rubbish. It quite big and bulky, it is also a pain to store or put in your cosmetic bag. I think it's the dagger that is the most annoying, I just keep wondering why it is there?

See the dagger?

The colour: Like I said previously I am not that keen on Nudes, I usually go for something more red. There are some deeper elements to this colour, its closer to pink than brown which is quite flattering. The one I have leaves a very pretty glossy sheen on my lips. I think there are about 13 colours in the collection, all with fab names so quite a big collections.

The Texture: It feels so good on your lips. This really swayed be towards this lipstick. It feels super moisturising on my lips, which is unusual for a lipstick. It does mention that the lipstick contains a variety of different nourishing vitamins so that might account for this feeling.

Look at the sheen on that!
The price: Each cost £13.00 so about the same as a MAC lipstick but with better texture.

The smell: It smells like playdough. I don’t mind the smell but some people might.

Extra bonus: The Vitamins!

Bad point: For me; the packaging in particular the dagger.

Overall I think this is a great lipstick, might have to check out the other colours and but will need to break off the dagger. >.<

Friday, 26 August 2011

My first dress- Wine coloured sundress

My sister brought me a great birthday present this year! Its a little red sewing machine from John Lewis. Its so so cute and also very functional. It has help me do the odd alterations here and there, adjusting hemlines, coverting trousaurs into skirts etc.

But I was itching to do something a bit more challanging!

I decided to try my hand at making a dress. I am a novice so I wanted to find something with as little tricky bit a possible. Zips and button holes would have been a challenge since my machine was very basic, 10 different stiches and its not able to change foot. I was browsing online to see what I could find and stumbled on a great website for beginners like me.
Its a sewing community which shared patterns, skills and techniques it also has blogs and discussions.

I found this great pattern
I brought some material off ebay and i was ready to go

It took me a day to make my dress, not as much time as I thought I might need. There were a few terms that appeared on the instuctions that I wasnt familar with but since knowledge is now always at our fingertips I googled the terms and found useful sites and videos on youtube that explained clearly how I should tackle things such as darts and facing.

So here is the result! :)

Yes I am very proud of my little dress. Its slightly short at the back and the right armhole is slightly tight but hey its my first attempt!  I feel very accomplished and feel that this will motivate me to do lots more projects like this.
Watch this space!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Revlon Colour Burst Lipstick in Rosy Nude

I was flicking though Heat Magazine the other day (don’t judge me) when I spotted an article about Kim Kardashian on how she stays looking good. One product which she mentioned as her current favourite Lipgloss/ Lipstick was Revlon Colour Burst Lipstick in Rosy Nude. I was quite surprised! Its one of my favourite lipsticks too but I hardly associated with the likes of Kim Kardashian, especially since her famous signature lipstick is MAC’s Angel… hardly colours of the same family. I guess some people are more diverse than you think?

I thought since this lipstick has risen to celeb-dom… lol… I thought I’d put my two pence in and tell you what I think.

The look: The packaging is great, very stylish with an embossed pattern and the matte case. A copy oops I mean influenced by the Burberry lipsticks I am told. The colour of the lipstick is on the top of the case making it quite handy in the morning to look for a colour and not having to open every lipstick.

The Feel: It is very creamy, not drying and lasts a reasonable length of time. No scent that I can detect which is a pro to many people

The colour: Its mentions nude in the name, but is a very flattering nude. Not one that washes you out and make you look like death. It’s a very warm and flattering colour, close to deep pink bordering on brown but in a good way. It doesn’t look glossy but does give your lips the moisturised look.

The Price: A very reasonable £7.99 from Boots. Almost half the price of a MAC lipstick.

Overall: If it’s good enough for Kim its good enough for me. ;)

Friday, 29 July 2011

Elf Conditioning Lip Balm with SPF 15

I recently ordered some things from

One of the things I picked up was their Conditioning Lip Balm with SPF 15. I heard a lot about it so wanted to test them out and obviously I thought my collection of lip balms needed yet another addition!
Left to right; Romatic Rouge and Mellow Melon

The Packaging: The lip balm comes in pots. Its slightly big but I think it makes it easier to find in a big bag!

The colours: There are six colours to choose from and I chose, Mellow Melon and Romantic Rouge. The pigments of these are amazing, especially Romantic Rouge. Both colour of these lip balms are very buildable.
Left to right; Romatic Rouge and Mellow Melon

Left to right; Romatic Rouge and Mellow Melon

The price: Each cost £3.50. Quite reasonable for a lip balm I think.

The Texture: Not sticky or greasy. Its feels more conditioning than moisturising, not like it quenches my lips more like it heals it? Weird description but I think it could be to do with it being quite a think formulation.

The smell: It smells of coconut, not unpleasant but not amazing. So I would say….non offensive…

Extra bonus: It has SPF 15, so look good and be protected.

Bad point: For me; the packaging is nice but I have to stick my finger in the pot a definite negative for me.

Overall I think this is a good product but I have tried some amazing lip balms and this one although nice is not one I would purchase again!

Friday, 8 July 2011

Mac Sheen Supreme Dupe

I have been loving my Mac Sheen Supreme lipstick in Ultra Darling. It’s so moisturising and the colour is great. Some people have even compared the formula to Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine. Well I have found another lip product that compares with Mac and surprisingly its inexpensive and not a lipstick. It’s a lip balm!

I discovered LipIce Water colour Lip Moisturiser in a Sasa ( in Malaysia. The product is basically a tinted lip balm that comes in a rage of 4 colours. It claims to come in ‘natural soft pink shades to enhance our natural beautiful lips’. I have three of the four colours, Fantasy Pink, Kissy Pink and Sexy Pink.

It also contains vitamins and other enhancers for longer lasting moisture and helps reduce fine lines on your lips.

The look: Its very comparable to Mac, it has sleek black packaging, not at all offensive to carry around or to take out of your purse. In some ways it actually really resembles the Sheen Supreme packaging.

Left to right; MAC Ultra Darling and LipIce Fantasy Pink

The Feel: As it is a lip balm you can feel that it is moisturising without being greasy and this feeling lasts for a while on your lips. Compared to some other tinted lip conditioners that as a result of having colour dries your lips quite quickly, this one gets a thumbs up.

The colour: The colour provided by what is essentially a lip balm is amazing. It’s slightly more sheer on first application than Mac but its buildable. The three colours I have are very complimentary to my skin tone, and Kissy pink is a very trendy coral colour perfect for this spring and summer

Left to right; Fantasy Pink, Kissy Pink and Sexy Pink

The Price: A very competitive RM14.90, working out to be roughly under £3! Compare this to £13.50 for a Mac Sheen Supreme seems like a good deal.

Overall: There have been lots of reviews on the MAC sheen supreme lipsticks; all very favourable, this is just look to see the other options out there! In my opinion both are very good lip products, both have great colour, both feel great on the lips and both look the part with sleek and stylish packaging. But as one doubles up as a lip conditioner I lean towards the LipIce. As other people find colour range is more of a priority they would probably lean towards the Sheen Supremes.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Girlz Only Dry Shampoo

So I was plodding along Tesco doing my weekly shopping when I made a new discovery.

Girlz Only Hair Care. Dry Shampoo in the scent Dawn ‘til Dusk. All dry shampoo makes the same claims of reviving hair between washes so I decided to try and see how it holds up compared to my normal bottle of Batiste.

My thoughts…

There were only two scents on offer when I brought this, a pink can in Party Nights and the scent that I got which was Dawn ‘til Dusk in the green can. The scent I chose was refreshing and light. It’s a new brand so I think there could be more scents in the future when it starts getting more popular.

It did not leave a horrid white film that some other dry shampoo brands does if you over do it.

My hair remained fresh all day and I even had some volume.

It was very comparable to Batiste!

The price is extremely competitive at only £1 for a 150ml can. Depending on where you purchase Batiste it could be anything between £2.20- 2.50 for the 150ml.

The edge I think Batiste has is that it does have a bigger range of scents and it does come in 50ml handbag size bottle which themselves cost £1.40.

In my opinion both are good products but if I was just looking for a dry shampoo that smelled nice and does the job I would definitely go with Girlz only. I see little point in paying extra for what essentially is just the brand name!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Dr G BB Cream

I have finally been able to get my hands on some BB cream to try out while I was in Malaysia.

If you are not familiar with BB cream; it’s a beauty product that has been made popular by Korean screen stars.  As many Asian/ Oriental screen actresses do not want to appear like they have plastered a layer, thin or otherwise of make up on their faces many have opted for BB cream as an alternative to foundation.   It claims to give light coverage which helps give the actresses the look of effortless beauty.
BB stands for Blemish Balm, its formula claims to be across between a foundation, a moisturiser, a sunblock and at times even a primer.   The idea originally came from Germany in the 50s, seem strange that we only seem to have caught on now!   As it has been such a hit in South Korea the hype has filtered in the rest of the Oriental countries and now even bigger European brands such as Clinique, MAC and Estee Lauder have jumped on to the bandwagon o offer their versions of BB cream.
The BB cream I picked up is by Dr Gowoonsesang.  A Korean brand which is sold in a Hong Kong cosmetics chain store (Sasa) in Kuala Lumpur…yes I know.  I happen to pick up a limited edition bottle; it’s has brightening properties and SPF 30.
So the bottle of this was RM 95 which is roughly £19 for 60ml, so quite a bargain for a product that claims to be so multifunctional.
The packaging is very travel friendly, as it’s a squeeze bottle instead of a glass bottle.
The texture is the same a many face creams, not greasy and absorbs easily into the face.  It looks very much like a tinted moisturiser.
A little goes along way as far as I’m concerned; as it’s a brightening product I feel that it leaves a slight ashy look to my complexion if too much is used.  I feel that I need to put on a little moisturiser before application otherwise I feel the look ends up ever so slightly powdery.
I think I prefer my Touch of Foundation by Olay as I feel it gives my face a dewy look which I prefer.  I don’t feel that this particular product lived up to its hype.  It was able to give me some coverage but not more that Olay.  Its consistency was slightly thicker than Olay which meant it was not as light.  It also gives off a slight greyish tinge at the being but later in the day the formula oxidizes giving off better colouring.  This could be due to my own colouring as I am not as fair as many Koreans?
I would not buy this again, not because it was not good but because it was not particularly special.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Malaysia Haul

Back from my holiday in Malaysia and armed with loads of goodies.  Thought I would share with you guys.

I took a quick trip to Hong Kong while i was in KL and also picked up a few things there as well.

These mini nail polishes i picked up in Hong Kong for about 30p each, was a great deal.  I was in real need of nail polish as I had ruined my pedicure by accident and as I was attending a wedding when i got back to KL I need some polish pronto! And at these prices who could say no?

LipIce Water Colour Lip Moisturiser in three shades and Nivea Fruity shine. 

I got some tinted lip balm to add to my ever growing collection.  The Lip Ice was about RM15 making it about £3 the Nivea was about a similar price

I picked up some Japanese Mascara, these make such a difference to oriental lashes.  The fibres in their formula really does create volume and length for our stumpy lashes.  They don't melt or smear!  I even found one that throw in a free eyeliner.

I saw these in a drugstore in Malaysia and wanted to give them  try.  I thought they might be god for setting concealer.  One of them even came with a tiny bottle of lotion- so cute!

This I have always wanted to try!  Its called a 'Fringe Stabliser'  Wicked name right? :) You slide it into your hair and it holds your fringe in place without leaving a dent like other clips.

Some eyelashes... of course.  The small ones I got at a night market in Malaysia, I think they worked out to be about 20p each.

Finally- i got this cute little brush set. 

The great thing about shopping in Asia is that there are so many cute little thing to pick up for such bargain prices!