Monday, 20 December 2010

Aveeno- Power of Oats

Its really really cold here in London! Lots of snow and ice on the roads. Once you get to work you wonder if you can make it back home as the transportation is a mess! It took a friend 5 hours to drive home on Saturday, on a normal day the journey would usually be about 30mins!

With all of these things to worry about, dry and irritable skins should not be added to the list!

So I have a recommendation for you!

I have recently discovered Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion! Actually I brought it for my husband - he has really dry skin (have been using it sneakily)! It also gets really irritable now with all this cold dry weather.

Aveeno boasts of using natural ‘active’ ingredients, they include oats and shea butter. Apparently Oats relieves the itchy feeling that is caused by dry skin; it has been a common remedy since the time of Ancient Greeks and Romans. It also cleanses the skin from dirt and oil as well as being quite moisturising. We all know that shea butter is moisturising so that a bonus!

Its fragrance free; very handy for those with sensitive skin. It’s got a very light consistency, non sticky and absorbs in to the skin very quickly. Its states on the packaging that it locks in moisture for over 24 hours- I don’t know about that that but it definitely does make your skin smoother and less irritable. I have also heard quite a few mothers in my office use this on their children. All things considered this is a very family friendly product.

Its very inexpensive, usually about £4.99 for 200ml and can be purchased at supermarkets and pharmacies.

So for these wintery cold days this is what I am reaching for! Try it out!

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