Monday, 15 November 2010

A Day of Fashion

Daring and modern

Yesterday was a miserable day- it was cold, wet and windy…but amazingly I had a fabulous time.

My sister and I along with one of our best friends decided to see some fashion exhibitions that had just opened up in London. Even though rain and wind was predicted we braved it out via tube- crazy I know.

After a spot of lunch at a charming Italian haunt in Chalk Farm we continued onto Moorgate where our first stop was to be Future Beauty at the Barbican. This exhibition was showing 30 years of Japanese Fashion, acclaimed Japanese Fashion Designers such as Yohji Yamamoto, Issey Miyake and Rei Kawakubo had pieces displayed as part of this exhibition.

The Barbican has a wonderful space to display these great pieces and I feel has the amazing ability to emit a cold and futuristic atmosphere making the perfect temporary home for the clothes.

I find it amazing how a piece designed 30- 40 years ago could still look so modern now. The ultramodern impression was created by the minimal lines, the material and the colour choices.

Although not really my cup of tea it was definitely worth a wonder.

Dior’s Very Talented BFF- Rene Gruau

Our second stop was Somerset House to see Rene Gruau and the Line of Beauty. This turned into my favourite part of the day.

Gruau worked with Dior on many of his perfume campaigns and created some of the most iconic images in the fashion world. His illustrations are instantly recognizable and have in my opinion influence many future advertisement campaigns. He captures a time of elegance and style with his simple lines and bold colour choice. I feel that there is a lot of suggestion in his illustrations which leave the mind free to imagine the rest of the story… a very difficult thing to do in my opinion.

Gruau and Dior met at a French fashion newspaper, le Figaro in 1936, started the working together in 1947 and Gruau continued to work for the House of Dior until the 1980s. Both had very similar ideas of fashion and worked well together, creating some of the most memorable and iconic images in fashion. Many express that Dior and Gruau found a kindred spirit within each other or as I would put it they were BFFs.

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  1. Great review of the exhibtion Kath, I have heard some great things about it but you have insipired me to take some time to go see it. Really enjoying your blog so keep up the good work. x