Thursday, 4 November 2010

Bring on the ‘Big Freeze’!

After the horrendous winter last year I had decided that I had to be prepared this year! To combat the unpredictable British weather I decided that the best way to survive was to get myself a Down Jacket!

Down is the finest layer of feather on birds, it is found under the heavier, bigger feathers of a bird. It has better thermal abilities and if used as padding is less bulky then feathers. Considering that duvets are made from this I thought that this would be the ideal choice for protecting me this winter.

With the Down jacket there is always the fear of looking like the Michelin Man or someone who literally wear their duvet out! Everyone wants the warmth without the bulk as my friend puts it. After weeks of research and trawling over the internet, I found my perfectly formed, slimline Down Jacket in Zara!

It has a huge hood -on the off chance I might use it. It is black which I find slimming and a belt that cinches in so it shows I have a waist. My favourite thing about it is that it is soooo thin! The coat is made from 80% Down and 20% feather, as the down is so fine it lessens the bulk as apposed to if the coat was made from a higher percentage of feather. The coat has a cute squared pattern sewn all over it ensure the Down and feathers stay in place and don’t sink to the bottom. So more warmth and less bulk! A down jacket that is… dare I say it …flattering!

Now all I need is cold weather!

Bring on the snow! I’m ready for you.

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