Sunday, 28 November 2010

Seven Dials Event

Last Thursday, my friend and I skipped our usual Yoga lesson in order to go down to the ‘hidden village’ in Covent Gardens.

A selection of shops there were having 20% off between 5-7pm so how could we say no? We where also not the only ones to brave the cold and wonder down there on Thursday night; according to their website 12,500 of us rushed down there from work to grab a bargain. Some stores even had DJs, champagne or cupcakes to welcome their guests

Amongst the amazing selection of shops my friend and I had one store we had to go to…. and that was MAC. Apparently we were not the only ones that had this idea. We arrived outside MAC around 5.30pm to a small queue that was gathering outside. Why we didn’t think there might have been a queue was beyond me. We queued for about 10 minutes before being allowed to go in and have a wonder, we asked for the things we wanted and then queued for another 10minutes to pay. As the queue was so long it snaked around the products on display giving you more time to try and test more products eventually adding more things to your bag. Great as you won’t be bored while queue but bad for your wallet when you finally reach the counter to pay.

Due to my great sense of timing- not… what I wanted was not part of this 20% off promotion. I wanted a holiday gift set and as it was already ‘discounted’ it could not be discounted again.
So in order to take advantage of this promotion I got a lipstick (Blankety) and a 219 brush (for my sister).

A lady and her tricks Buff and line brush collection
A neat little travel kit that comes with 5 brushes and a neat little tartan bag which I think I will use as a makeup travel bag for brushes. I am quite pleased with all brushes but the 252SE I’m finding slightly scratchy which I was quite disappointed with.

Blankety (Amplified) Lipstick

I was looking for a pinky nude and my friend suggested this lipstick. I am quite pleased with it. Its smooth, creamy and most importantly doesn’t make me look dead!- Cant carry off that look! The best result is if I top it off with a slightly pink lipgloss for a healthier look.

We also spent some time in Bare Escentuals where my friend got herself a starter kit and face primer. They also gave her a small refillable brush as a gift which I thought was quite nice. We managed to pop into a few other shops that night before heading home.

Despite the cold I thought it was a super night! Nothing better that shopping with one of your besties! Lol

Monday, 15 November 2010

A Day of Fashion

Daring and modern

Yesterday was a miserable day- it was cold, wet and windy…but amazingly I had a fabulous time.

My sister and I along with one of our best friends decided to see some fashion exhibitions that had just opened up in London. Even though rain and wind was predicted we braved it out via tube- crazy I know.

After a spot of lunch at a charming Italian haunt in Chalk Farm we continued onto Moorgate where our first stop was to be Future Beauty at the Barbican. This exhibition was showing 30 years of Japanese Fashion, acclaimed Japanese Fashion Designers such as Yohji Yamamoto, Issey Miyake and Rei Kawakubo had pieces displayed as part of this exhibition.

The Barbican has a wonderful space to display these great pieces and I feel has the amazing ability to emit a cold and futuristic atmosphere making the perfect temporary home for the clothes.

I find it amazing how a piece designed 30- 40 years ago could still look so modern now. The ultramodern impression was created by the minimal lines, the material and the colour choices.

Although not really my cup of tea it was definitely worth a wonder.

Dior’s Very Talented BFF- Rene Gruau

Our second stop was Somerset House to see Rene Gruau and the Line of Beauty. This turned into my favourite part of the day.

Gruau worked with Dior on many of his perfume campaigns and created some of the most iconic images in the fashion world. His illustrations are instantly recognizable and have in my opinion influence many future advertisement campaigns. He captures a time of elegance and style with his simple lines and bold colour choice. I feel that there is a lot of suggestion in his illustrations which leave the mind free to imagine the rest of the story… a very difficult thing to do in my opinion.

Gruau and Dior met at a French fashion newspaper, le Figaro in 1936, started the working together in 1947 and Gruau continued to work for the House of Dior until the 1980s. Both had very similar ideas of fashion and worked well together, creating some of the most memorable and iconic images in fashion. Many express that Dior and Gruau found a kindred spirit within each other or as I would put it they were BFFs.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Bring on the ‘Big Freeze’!

After the horrendous winter last year I had decided that I had to be prepared this year! To combat the unpredictable British weather I decided that the best way to survive was to get myself a Down Jacket!

Down is the finest layer of feather on birds, it is found under the heavier, bigger feathers of a bird. It has better thermal abilities and if used as padding is less bulky then feathers. Considering that duvets are made from this I thought that this would be the ideal choice for protecting me this winter.

With the Down jacket there is always the fear of looking like the Michelin Man or someone who literally wear their duvet out! Everyone wants the warmth without the bulk as my friend puts it. After weeks of research and trawling over the internet, I found my perfectly formed, slimline Down Jacket in Zara!

It has a huge hood -on the off chance I might use it. It is black which I find slimming and a belt that cinches in so it shows I have a waist. My favourite thing about it is that it is soooo thin! The coat is made from 80% Down and 20% feather, as the down is so fine it lessens the bulk as apposed to if the coat was made from a higher percentage of feather. The coat has a cute squared pattern sewn all over it ensure the Down and feathers stay in place and don’t sink to the bottom. So more warmth and less bulk! A down jacket that is… dare I say it …flattering!

Now all I need is cold weather!

Bring on the snow! I’m ready for you.