Monday, 20 September 2010

When to Put the Costume Jewellery Away?

I had a lovely Sunday with my mum. We had lunch, chatted and then walked around window shopping when I saw a very cute ring in Topshop. It was chained ring, so two rings linked together with a pattern across both of them. It was gold, not something I would usually go for but the design I thought was quite different. As my mum was with me I asked for her opinion, she is usually very good at voicing her opinion on what I wear. And in true mum style –no holding back, she expressed her opinion…just not the way I was expecting.

‘ Oh that ring…. errr… you know… at your age you should really start wearing real jewellery and not costume…’

Needless to say I didn’t get that ring. I didn’t actually buy anything that day.

My sister’s opinion is that my mum thought the style of the ring was too young for me and not really the fact that it was costume? But after that experience- I have started to reconsider what I should buy.

At the age of 29- I was not expecting someone to use the phase- ‘at your age’. I guess maybe I should as my friend pointed out fondly ‘start wearing the gold chains and jade’ like the cute little oriental ladies I see.

Granted, after a certain age the style of your clothes, bags and jewellery should change and will change. But will this change happen gradually according to your taste or will one day -like me- will you have the traumatic experience of someone telling you that certain things are not right for you anymore? I still think that that ring is quite cute and that I could as the common phase goes ‘get away with it’! Evidently this thought is not shared by all.

So when is it time to put the costume jewellery away?


  1. its the style. lots of people (even celebs) wear costume jewellery that exceeds your age. I have to see the ring lol =P

  2. What about those Hello Kitty accessories and necklaces celebs still put on from time to time? hahaa!!