Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Vivienne Westwood Shoes Exhibition

Vivienne Westwood in my opinion is renowned for her dramatic flare. Her spectacular gowns always reminds me of ‘once upon time…’ costumes but in order for the gown to have this effect she uses amazing tailoring.

Previously I had always thought that Westwood was far too theatrical for me. There was no practicality to her clothes. I mean who would wear this stuff? I was never a fan… that was until I saw an exhibition of her clothes in the Victoria and Albert Museum a couple of years ago. The exhibition displayed a whole catalogue of her clothes from the 70s onward. It was here that I discovered the amazing work that goes into one of her pieces! The design, the tailoring the fabric, I was left in awe.

You could imagine my excitement when a friend of mine told me that Selfridges was going to be displaying a whole array of Westwood designed shoes. Shopping and shoes, what could go wrong?

The shoes are being displayed in the Ultra Lounge in Selfridges (escalator down and follow the signs). The room is dark with display units lit up to show off all the shoes, making a striking impression. There are men and women shoe collections on show, some designs shocking, some unusual and others were amazingly quite wearable but all were distinctively ‘Westwood’. The infamous purple platforms which made Naomi Campbell fall in a fit of giggles is among the shoes on display.

I would recommend taking a peek if you happen to be in town, it is free and in my opinion the collection is quite big. If you don’t like it you could always wonder round Selfridges to see if you could pick up a bargain?

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