Sunday, 1 August 2010

Nail Polish Remover Wipes- do they work?

How are we all?

Soooo ....

This week I was wearing the lovely Lilac from Barry M- great nail polish by the way. I got 2 nail polishes for £5 at Boots- bargain. Yes... anyway it got to the stage where it was time to let my nails breathe a bit and it needed to come off.

My sister had recommended Cutex Moisture Guard Nail Polish Remover Wipes. They come in this pack of 5 and are individually wrapped tissues soaked in nail polish remover. Apparently ‘one tissue is enough to remove nail polish from all ten nails’ fab...... right?

To be honest I had huge expectations for this. I mean on the packaging it said ‘ideal for handbag and travel’. It would be so convenient to just drop it in a handbag or make up bag instead of the whole bottle of remover, not forgetting the numerous cotton pads you need soak do all ten fingers.

Well there I was in front of the TV watching True Blood (yes I watch that) trying out this wipe. When I took out the tissue from the sachet it did look a bit small but sometimes looks can be deceiving. But my first impressing was right- it was too small, this wipe only managed to clean 8 fingers! It just seem to kinda dry up. In the end I had to get out my bottle of remover and cotton pads. I can say that my fingers weren’t particularly big, actually the surface of my nails are quite small plus Barry M’s Lilac was not as opaque as some other nail polishes I have tried, I mean I only had 2 coats on!

I was not impressed!

If I wasn’t at home and only had one sachet I could have been walking around with three lilac nails while all the other ones were naked for the rest of the weekend.

Maybe this type of wipe would be quite good if you wear quite transparent colours- more opaque block colours are not suitable for this type of wipe? I guess it back to the bottle for me! lol


  1. I still disagree, because it works for me and the three layers of nails inc =P are you sure you wiped and not gawking at someone's bootie when watching true blood.. lol

  2. I wonder if they're pricey...