Tuesday, 10 August 2010

I have an Angel hidden in my purse.

Like most girls I have a handbag obsession, cheap ones, expensive ones, big ones, small ones I have them all! As many girls are aware especially with big handbags, when you’re sitting in a coffee shop having a quick coffee with your mates you need to find somewhere to put your handbag. As hooking it on the back of your chair is particularly unwise (I would know I have had my handbag stolen this way) we usually end up putting in on our laps or sitting against it like a cushion. For others the usual practice is putting your bag on the floor in front of you!

I have brought a fairly expensive handbag recently and would never dream of putting it on the floor! So unless I want to hug it for an hour or sit on it like a cushion I need to put it somewhere. Some girls usually put it on an empty chair beside them but at busy coffee houses where are you going to find an empty chair?

I luckily had a solution! It came in a small black pouch and was small and sparkly, it even doubled up as a small compact- it was my little purse angel. It is such an ingenious little thing!

My Purse Angel has a shoe in the top and flips open to expose its small mirror. Handy right! What is even more handy is that on the other side it has a small rubber pad that can grip onto any type of table surface, wood, glass etc. The hook is wrapped neatly around the compact and comes away to transform into the hook you see in the photo.

If you’re wondering if it can really hold your bag- I can tell you that I tested it yesterday on my office desk (wooden) and it held my Mitzy for a good 8 hours. As you can see my bag is quite big and heavy and still manages to stay off the floor for a whole day.

My Purse Angel cost me about £15, you might be thinking it’s a bit expensive for a hook but whats £15 compared to keeping you new £500 bag clean? Right!

I don’t think I will leave home without mine!


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  1. Thanks for the review!! I have been pondering about them since I first heard of such item last year! Now I'm definitely gonna get one!! :D