Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Vivienne Westwood Shoes Exhibition

Vivienne Westwood in my opinion is renowned for her dramatic flare. Her spectacular gowns always reminds me of ‘once upon time…’ costumes but in order for the gown to have this effect she uses amazing tailoring.

Previously I had always thought that Westwood was far too theatrical for me. There was no practicality to her clothes. I mean who would wear this stuff? I was never a fan… that was until I saw an exhibition of her clothes in the Victoria and Albert Museum a couple of years ago. The exhibition displayed a whole catalogue of her clothes from the 70s onward. It was here that I discovered the amazing work that goes into one of her pieces! The design, the tailoring the fabric, I was left in awe.

You could imagine my excitement when a friend of mine told me that Selfridges was going to be displaying a whole array of Westwood designed shoes. Shopping and shoes, what could go wrong?

The shoes are being displayed in the Ultra Lounge in Selfridges (escalator down and follow the signs). The room is dark with display units lit up to show off all the shoes, making a striking impression. There are men and women shoe collections on show, some designs shocking, some unusual and others were amazingly quite wearable but all were distinctively ‘Westwood’. The infamous purple platforms which made Naomi Campbell fall in a fit of giggles is among the shoes on display.

I would recommend taking a peek if you happen to be in town, it is free and in my opinion the collection is quite big. If you don’t like it you could always wonder round Selfridges to see if you could pick up a bargain?

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

I have an Angel hidden in my purse.

Like most girls I have a handbag obsession, cheap ones, expensive ones, big ones, small ones I have them all! As many girls are aware especially with big handbags, when you’re sitting in a coffee shop having a quick coffee with your mates you need to find somewhere to put your handbag. As hooking it on the back of your chair is particularly unwise (I would know I have had my handbag stolen this way) we usually end up putting in on our laps or sitting against it like a cushion. For others the usual practice is putting your bag on the floor in front of you!

I have brought a fairly expensive handbag recently and would never dream of putting it on the floor! So unless I want to hug it for an hour or sit on it like a cushion I need to put it somewhere. Some girls usually put it on an empty chair beside them but at busy coffee houses where are you going to find an empty chair?

I luckily had a solution! It came in a small black pouch and was small and sparkly, it even doubled up as a small compact- it was my little purse angel. It is such an ingenious little thing!

My Purse Angel has a shoe in the top and flips open to expose its small mirror. Handy right! What is even more handy is that on the other side it has a small rubber pad that can grip onto any type of table surface, wood, glass etc. The hook is wrapped neatly around the compact and comes away to transform into the hook you see in the photo.

If you’re wondering if it can really hold your bag- I can tell you that I tested it yesterday on my office desk (wooden) and it held my Mitzy for a good 8 hours. As you can see my bag is quite big and heavy and still manages to stay off the floor for a whole day.

My Purse Angel cost me about £15, you might be thinking it’s a bit expensive for a hook but whats £15 compared to keeping you new £500 bag clean? Right!

I don’t think I will leave home without mine!


Tuesday, 3 August 2010

False nails- Fashion No No? I don’t know?

What is the first thing you think about when someone mentions False nails? ‘Janice from Friends’ maybe? I’m almost certain that it will not be elegant and sophisticated. What a negative image to shake off. But are we being too harsh?

I was in Guangzhou a few weeks ago and I picked up a few False nails. They had fun 3D patterns as well as the more wearable French Tip. They were also very cheap so why not- right. Shouldn’t write it off until you’ve tried it.

The nails come in a pack of 24, with different sizes so you’ll be able to find a good match for all ten of your nails. The box also holds a 2g tube of pink nail glue. I was very impressed with the strength of the glue once on- the nail felt very sturdy. To ease myself (and others around me- err mainly my hubby) into it, I decided to try the Classic French Tip. The colouring of the nails I brought were surprisingly very naturally. The length which I was most worried about was a Goldilocks length- not too long and not too short!

For the real test- after pressing them all on- I went out to meet my friends for lunch. Having something stuck on your nails does take some getting used to- using you phone and putting your hand inside your handbag required a bit more thought than normal. lol There was also the constant fear that one might pop off while I was digging into my Flourless Chocolate Cake. The small tube of pink nail glue was tucked safely away in my handbag for just that kind of emergency, but lucky it remained in my handbag untouched all afternoon.

My friends were all quite surprised at how natural they looked, I think the stereotypes of false nails were still quite vivid in there minds before I showed them mine.

Not a thing for everyone, False nails are of an acquired taste. Before using them I would have said that they were not for me but now after using them, you could say I have been converted. The convenience is the major plus – if you need to go out in the evening and had no time to do your nails these are the perfect solution. If you’re more daring then me, there are a whole array of styles you could choose from. I particularly like the 3D Japanese style nails you occasionally find.

Like I said at the beginning – shouldn’t write it off until you’ve tried it!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Nail Polish Remover Wipes- do they work?

How are we all?

Soooo ....

This week I was wearing the lovely Lilac from Barry M- great nail polish by the way. I got 2 nail polishes for £5 at Boots- bargain. Yes... anyway it got to the stage where it was time to let my nails breathe a bit and it needed to come off.

My sister had recommended Cutex Moisture Guard Nail Polish Remover Wipes. They come in this pack of 5 and are individually wrapped tissues soaked in nail polish remover. Apparently ‘one tissue is enough to remove nail polish from all ten nails’ fab...... right?

To be honest I had huge expectations for this. I mean on the packaging it said ‘ideal for handbag and travel’. It would be so convenient to just drop it in a handbag or make up bag instead of the whole bottle of remover, not forgetting the numerous cotton pads you need soak do all ten fingers.

Well there I was in front of the TV watching True Blood (yes I watch that) trying out this wipe. When I took out the tissue from the sachet it did look a bit small but sometimes looks can be deceiving. But my first impressing was right- it was too small, this wipe only managed to clean 8 fingers! It just seem to kinda dry up. In the end I had to get out my bottle of remover and cotton pads. I can say that my fingers weren’t particularly big, actually the surface of my nails are quite small plus Barry M’s Lilac was not as opaque as some other nail polishes I have tried, I mean I only had 2 coats on!

I was not impressed!

If I wasn’t at home and only had one sachet I could have been walking around with three lilac nails while all the other ones were naked for the rest of the weekend.

Maybe this type of wipe would be quite good if you wear quite transparent colours- more opaque block colours are not suitable for this type of wipe? I guess it back to the bottle for me! lol