Saturday, 24 July 2010

My Nica Large Dee Dee Tote Arrived!

Do you like my mirror! its just to hid my address. lol

Hello hello!


It was Wednesday and the most annoying thing arrived! It not junk mail, it not even bills!’s was a notice from Royal Mail to tell you that you have missed a delivery of a parcel. Yes people this is the most annoying thing that could leaves you thinking about the parcel for days until it gets to the weekend when you finally have time to go to the post office and pick it up!

Today is Saturday and I can finally go pick up my Parcel from Nica. Nica was having a sale and I thought I deserved yet another new bag. Its terrible I cant even muster up an good excuse to justify it. But anyway, the Dee Dee tote comes in 6 colours, (white, yellow, green, pink, black and taupe grey) and I think it was three sizes (small, medium and large), I got the large one in Taupe Grey.

Its comes with a strap so you could also wear it across the body. It’s made of synthetic leather, so no leather smell i’m afraid, but that also means it a bit lighter than real leather. It has two large side pockets, perfect for slipping in your phone or your travel pass. If you lift up the middle buckle, there is also a discreet pocket there too! It has very cute fabric as the lining; there are two slits in the front that exposed the lining when the bag is a little fuller, very nice touch in my opinion. And not forgetting the Nica Charm that comes with the bag....cute, it will be even cuter when I put my Hello Kitty charm on to accompany it. 

And it’s come just in time for me to wear when i go out tonight with my friends.

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