Sunday, 4 July 2010

Clothes Show London Earls Court

Hello Hello!

Yes...... it has been ages and ages since I have written anything! Do I have a good excuse besides being incredibly busy? Errrr no. Sorry.


I just want to let every one know about this amazing event that I went to last weekend. You might have seen the advertisements around for The Clothes Show taking place in Earls Court London. I went with my sister and had a Fab time. The tickets we got included very good seats to see the catwalk show which include dancers and models. This year the show had a theme of the great fashion capitals of the world. The show had some amazing clothes this year along with some outstanding dancers.

My sister and I saw the show quite early hence having the rest of the time to shop, shop and shop.

Once out of the show you go in to the exhibition hall, where there are loads of stalls selling all things girly, make up, clothes bags, spa treatment blah blah blah These stalls are surrounded by hundreds of ladies walking around with thousands of bags, some goodie bags and some are bags full of goodies they brought. We saw our show at 11am then came out about 12pm, we got a quick bite and commenced with what we had to! After a good effort and 4 hours of walking round we left about 4.30pm; 20 bags heavier and looking very very pleased with ourselves. Some photos to prove it. Haha


  1. wow sounds amazing!
    do you know what the difference is between clothes show and clothes show live in december?

  2. I didnt know there was one in december! I've had a google and it looks like it might be a similar event to this but its taking place in birmingham. Thanks for the update- ummm might see if i can get some tickets! :)