Saturday, 24 July 2010

My Nica Large Dee Dee Tote Arrived!

Do you like my mirror! its just to hid my address. lol

Hello hello!


It was Wednesday and the most annoying thing arrived! It not junk mail, it not even bills!’s was a notice from Royal Mail to tell you that you have missed a delivery of a parcel. Yes people this is the most annoying thing that could leaves you thinking about the parcel for days until it gets to the weekend when you finally have time to go to the post office and pick it up!

Today is Saturday and I can finally go pick up my Parcel from Nica. Nica was having a sale and I thought I deserved yet another new bag. Its terrible I cant even muster up an good excuse to justify it. But anyway, the Dee Dee tote comes in 6 colours, (white, yellow, green, pink, black and taupe grey) and I think it was three sizes (small, medium and large), I got the large one in Taupe Grey.

Its comes with a strap so you could also wear it across the body. It’s made of synthetic leather, so no leather smell i’m afraid, but that also means it a bit lighter than real leather. It has two large side pockets, perfect for slipping in your phone or your travel pass. If you lift up the middle buckle, there is also a discreet pocket there too! It has very cute fabric as the lining; there are two slits in the front that exposed the lining when the bag is a little fuller, very nice touch in my opinion. And not forgetting the Nica Charm that comes with the bag....cute, it will be even cuter when I put my Hello Kitty charm on to accompany it. 

And it’s come just in time for me to wear when i go out tonight with my friends.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Sleek Make Up- Divine Mineral Based Eyeshadow Palette

Hello people – how are we all?


I went out on Sunday and decided that I would try out my new Eyeshadow Palette from Sleek Make Up (The Original 594).

I had such drama getting hold of this. This Divine Eye Shadow Palette was actually part of the goodie bag that I brought while I was in the Clothes Show London a few Sundays ago. The deal of the day was to select the palette that you wanted and in the bag it would come with a Highlighter (Bronze Baby), a Pout Polish (Electro Peach #946- it smells of sweets), a Travel Make Up Brush Kit, Eyelashes and a Tube Card Case all for £10. Good deal right! When they gave me my bag it was sealed and to prevent myself loosing anything I mustered all my will power and self control not to open it until I got home- smart huh!..........NOT!

When I finally got home and opened my bag- the people at Sleek had left out my Palette! Arghhhhhhh!! You should have seen my face. It was not pretty!

I went straight to my computer and wrote a very angry email to Sleek! I received a reply from them the next morning and was told I would receive my palette in the post very soon. I think it took a week to get to me, but I was very please all the same! Well that was until I used it on Sunday......

I used the pretty gold colour on the bottom left corner- just a like dusting. Unfortunately that meant there was not much colour but a lot of chucky glitter fall out! It was on the brush, on my cheek and just be low my eye- so everywhere apart from where I wanted it to be. I was kind of disappointed, I was very please with the palette’s range of colour! There were a few bright colours on the top row I had intended to use as accent colours on my lower lash line but with the glitter fall this might not be possible.

While swatching the colours I have notice the shadows show up best when foiled (wet) but this doesn’t really calm the glitter down.

I going to experiment and make this work! I mean I brought it now! I’ll let you know how I get on!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

HoT HoT HoT!

Is it hot hot hot where you are?

We seem to be having a mini heatwave in London! I was wearing shorts and sitting in the car today. Got stuck in traffic so my thighs were getting fried! Then to my horror when I was watching the World Cup Final this evening, stretching my legs out I noticed that my thighs were a slightly darker shade then the rest of my legs! Ai.....

Anyway... back to what I really wanted to talk about...

Sooo... Its really really hot outside you have to go out... do you really want to do that with a face full of makeup? I’m thinking not!

What is the easiest way to look polished and still feel comfortable? How about some tinted lip balm?

Its give you just the right amount of shine, it feels good on your lips. Most even have a SPF factor and you instantly look more awake and lets say...‘with it’. 

Depending on the colour of you lip balm it could also add some colour to your cheeks, saving you the hassle of blush! Slap on some mascara and you’re good to go! Looking fresh, not cakey and lets say, no danger of melting! ;)

From the right, Peachy Lip balm, has the most amazing scent! seriously, you could eat it, then its a tinted balm from Mayballine, one from Nivea, both give off a fantastic colour! The last two are lighter shades od pink and red, one is cherry scented and the other is raspberry, both from Watsons, which is a Hong Kong Pharmacy.

I recently went to China and picked up a few tinted lip balms (couldn’t help it- they were soooo cheap). They range a bit in colour, some are light pink others look like deep reds. The ones that have a deeper colour in my opinion look better as they brighten up your face. The lighter ones give you more shine with a slight hint of colour.

Take a look at the link – there is a wide range of lip care products here.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Clothes Show London Earls Court

Hello Hello!

Yes...... it has been ages and ages since I have written anything! Do I have a good excuse besides being incredibly busy? Errrr no. Sorry.


I just want to let every one know about this amazing event that I went to last weekend. You might have seen the advertisements around for The Clothes Show taking place in Earls Court London. I went with my sister and had a Fab time. The tickets we got included very good seats to see the catwalk show which include dancers and models. This year the show had a theme of the great fashion capitals of the world. The show had some amazing clothes this year along with some outstanding dancers.

My sister and I saw the show quite early hence having the rest of the time to shop, shop and shop.

Once out of the show you go in to the exhibition hall, where there are loads of stalls selling all things girly, make up, clothes bags, spa treatment blah blah blah These stalls are surrounded by hundreds of ladies walking around with thousands of bags, some goodie bags and some are bags full of goodies they brought. We saw our show at 11am then came out about 12pm, we got a quick bite and commenced with what we had to! After a good effort and 4 hours of walking round we left about 4.30pm; 20 bags heavier and looking very very pleased with ourselves. Some photos to prove it. Haha