Thursday, 6 May 2010

New Obsession!

It’s been ages don’t you think? Why has it been ages since I have done a new post. Well it’s all because I have this new obsession! I am always on it looking at what new things have been posted up! Is it a new blogspot? Is it a new guru to watch on you tube? No! Its ...ebay! Ai.....

Yes I know it’s been around for ages! But I have only just discovered it! Why you may ask- well... I was like most people very aware of the stigma that was attached to ebay – it is full of used things or worse fake things.... why would anyone buy things from there but if you take a bit longer and look you could bag yourself a bargain! 

I think it started about two weeks ago, I was walking to work and I saw a lady carrying this gorgeous tan eyelet detailed leather handbag! I had to have it! So when I went home that night I did what every girl would do I ‘googled’ it! I had no idea what brand or shop it was from but I really really wanted it so I just typed in everything I could think of...’tan leather bag’...’eyelet detailed leather bag’...’big beautiful hangbag’... you get the picture. But I came up with nothing! Well almost nothing. I was redirected by google to ebay, where I discovered a whole array of handbags! Yes any type you could think of, big, small, leather, canvas, used, unused... so this is where it all started. Lol

I ended up getting two handbags from ebay, neither of them was the tan eyelet detailed leather handbag i was looking for originally lol. One was an absolute bargain even my husband said I should bid for it. It was a suede handbag with two zip pockets and gold details. It was brand new and cost me £4.99.

My second bag was more of an impulse buy, its a brown leather handbag. The perfect size, not too big, not too small. Not entirely new as it was used twice by its owner but still in great condition. This one was £20.

The other absolute thrill about ebay is the bidding. It’s very exciting, you have to be quite strategic and its totally addictive! Lol

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