Sunday, 16 May 2010

Great Ideas from Superdrug!!

I was surfing online last weekend on the Superdrug website and then discovered totally by accident they has a new range of make up- MUA- Make up Academy. They have introduced this range where everything is £1. Yes people ‘everything is £1’. This includes lip gloss, lipstick, eye shadow, eyeliner, nail polish etc. So... of course... after seeing that I had to get something.

The next day I went to my local Superdrug and went to check it out. My local Superdrug was pretty well stocked! I had a look at the products. The range of colour in the nail polish section is very good, 20 colours! Not bad for a small range! Lipsticks on the other hand did not have such a big variety. I think there was only 4 colours, their lipsticks were also not as pigmented as you would like. Eyeliner and eye shadow also have a lot of choices. They also have face powder and blushes too but I didn’t have enough time to look at them closely.

After mulling over everything for a long time, I brought 4 things.

Liquid eyeliner- shade 5

I wore it the next day to work. I didn’t like the brush- actually that is an understatement- I hated that brush. It was so stiff, didn’t pick up enough product so I had to keep dipping it back in the bottle. It was also hard- felt really horrible when applying. The eyeliner itself was ok, it didn’t flake, but I just kept expecting it to.

Eye shadow- shade 20

Black- very pigmented- perfect for putting over pencil or gel-liner- what more do you want for £! 

Nail poilish- shade 18

I got a very light pink shade so I had to put three coats on to get the colour right. But once on it’s seems to be ok. I have worn it for two days and it seems fine so far. The bottle is 6ml which is not bad considering Barry M is 10ml for about £2.60.

Lip gloss- shade 4

Colour is amazing. It’s quite a deep pink with a more complex sheen – this could be due to the gold flexes in the gloss. It is not sticky on the lips or drying and most importantly; as my sister points out, it doesn’t smell weird!

The only thing that I don’t like about this range is that they only name the shades by numbers and not names. All in all MUA is good value for money! If you want to try new colours out and don’t want to spend a bomb, then you should check out your local Superdrug.

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