Monday, 12 April 2010

Greasy hair? Who hasn’t had one of those days!

Its Monday morning- you slept in by accident, recovering from the weekend. You have ten minutes to get out of the house to make in time for work but then you look in the mirror and yes you have GREASY HAIR! Arghhhhhhhh!!!

What do you do!

Does this sound familiar to you?

Well my trick has always been to use baby powder. But even this requires a bit of skill, not exactly a 5 minute job but a life saver none the less! Once you apply the powder to your scalp and rub it in you notice instantly that it starts to soak up the grease. But the skill that is required is that you have to sprinkle small amounts at a time or you will start looking older than you are- or even worse that you have just put baby powder on your head! I mean this is a neat trick but you don’t want everyone to know!

As you can see this may be a super neat trick but one heavy hand and you could have white hair, not greasy hair. My friend introduced me to a wicked product last summer just perfect for these emergencies- it is called DRY SHAMPOO! Essentially it is Baby Powder in a can. You spray it from an arm’s distance and then rub in, give it a quick brush and you are good to go! Genius! It even gives you volume- can you believe it! I got a can of 150mls from Boots for around £2.29 I think, they even do purse size cans – for those just in case moments! It smells fresh, but the brand I use has come up with several different scent choices now. Now several brands offer a version of dry shampoo and cashing in.

Greasy hair could be a thing of the past? Lol

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  1. Next best thing since sliced bread!! hehe ^^