Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Rice water... to wash dishes? No way!!


I was surfing the net, watching YouTube, just generally passing the time when my mum skypes me. Yes my mum skypes me, she very cool, she can MSN too! lol Ok back to my story... so she skypes me and asks how I am, what I'm doing etc. As it happens I was reading articles on the amazing powers of Rice water and how you can use it to wash you face, apparently its an 'oriental beauty secret'. I also watched that cool video by Michelle Phan  on how to make your own Rice Toner (I've not tried it yet but I have also hear that you could buy a Purifying Rice Toner from L'occitane, as I'm a lazy person i might opt for that.) So I thought I  would ask my mum about it as it supposedly an oriental beauty practice.

She said that she's not really hear of people using Rice water to wash their face...but...she does remember when she was a child (so that would be around the 1950s) lots of people used Rice water to wash their dishes!  I know- face and dishes are very different! lol

She said that as many people were not that well off in 50s Hong Kong, Rice water was used like a kind of detergent! It has enzymes that is very good at cleaning oily surfaces! My mum mentioned Chinese New Year, chicken grease and rice water all in one sentence- I think you get the gist! lol

My mum also mention that as we all buy rice that has already gone through such a rigorous cleaning process, is there any nutrients left for you to make homemade Rice Toner? ummmm! Much to think about!

But I do think that if we go with the theory of Rice water being great at getting chicken fat off plates then I guess it is most certainly able to clean your face. Maybe its better now that rice does go through such a rigourous cleaning process before it reaches our kitchen shelves.  This way if we ever did make DIY toner it wouldnt be so strong, I mean noone's face is that greesy, right? lol

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