Monday, 29 March 2010

ELF Package from an Ice Cream


Last year I won a Magnum Pleasure Card! Basically what happened was I ate a Magnum last summer and used the code printed on the ice cream stick to enter a competition. You can win creditcards which have various amounts put in it, I won a Pleasure card which had £10 prepaid into it. I think the top prize was a card with £100,000 prepaid into it.

The card has been lying around for ages and what was the best way to spend it?... on make up of course! LoL

I went onto to make my purchase! Woohoo! If you don’t know- this website is great. Most things on it is £1.50, they have now introduced a new line called Studio where most of these products are £3.50. Nothing that would break the bank!

My package arrived and i thought i would share what i got with you!

Ok... I got an eyelash curler £1.50. Its really well made for £1.50 and it has a kind of spring mechanism which makes it easier to curl your lashes. It has been very popular with many many youtube beauty gurus but... it would seem that my eyes are a funny shape as it doesn’t seem to sit on them very well. I think it could be that my oriental eyes are too small for the eyelash curler, unfortunate but true. Ai...

Another product for £1.50 was an eyeliner in Midnight. The real surprise when I got this was it came with its own sharpener! I mean it was £1.50! Such a bargain. I was really please with the colour of this, a real deep blue and I applied it in the morning and it stayed on all day!

I also got the corrective concealer, this was a Studio product which makes it £3.50. It has two flesh tone concealers along with a green one and a pink one. The set provided me with the cutest little brush, which i haven’t had the heart to use yet, LoL, sad but true. I have to say that the concealer was not as creamy as i thought it would be but i will have to use it a bit longer to make a more informed comment.

The last item I got was a Mineral Lipstick, also £3.50. From the numerous reviews I have seen it seems like a really good product. The colour I got is Nicely Nude. Its a great colour! Not one of those awful nude colours that totally washout your face and make you look ill. It is actually quite a natural pink.  The texture of this is really creamy but not too creamy that it slides off so you have to keep re-applying it. It feels similar to a lip balm on your lips. I might need to get a few more colours, you know- just to make sure. ;)

I got all the above for £10 I even saved on the shipping as always gives out free shipping discount codes on Facebook. So essentially everything I mentioned was free- thanks to Magnum, a great ice cream and now a great cosmetics provider! LoL


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