Friday, 26 February 2010

Small Make Up Haul

A few weeks ago I ordered some products from They are usually very quick with delivery, even though I am in London and they are in the US, but this time, for some reason my package got lost and it never arrived. I contacted the people at non- pareil and they sent me a replacement package fairly promptly! I was very impressed with their customer service and thought it deserved a mention! :o)
But back to the stuff I ordered- as I mentioned it was a small haul, I ordered three NYX Lip Spas, a NYX Cream Lipstick and two Wet and Wild gel eyeliners.
The NYX Lips Spa I brought because I loooove lipbalms, all the better if they are tinted! So out of pure greedness I got three. I wore Vintage today at work to see how it would fair. The colour pay off was pretty good for a lip tint and it was pretty moisturing at first, but as they day went on I felt it did start to dry out my lips abit. I had to put on some regular lipbalm (Bee Kissed)on top in the end which kind of defeats the purpose of it being a 'lip spa'? Which was a shame as I like all the colours I got.
The NYX Cream Lipstick I got was the very popular B52. At first glance I thought it looked like a darker version of NYX Thalia. I haven't had a chance to test it yet so I will keep you posted.
I am very very impressed with the Wet and Wild Gel Liners I got, one in black and the other in eggplant. I wore it for the whole day and it seem to hold up as well as my MAC Blacktrack and at a fraction of the price! Bargain! :o)

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