Sunday, 28 February 2010

Style Icons!

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and my fabulous friends got me this great gift!
It was a book- with lots of pictures! lol
Ok- to be more precise its 'Fashionista, A Century of Style Icons' by Simon Werle.
As well as being a collection of gorgeous photographs of the world's most beautiful and stylish women, it also gives you some information about them, so a little background as to who they are what they do (this was especially useful for me- as some of the women I had no clue as to who they were) and descriptions of their style. The book is sub-divided into 10 categories, The Classics, The It Girls, The Bombshells, The Modernists, The Artist, The Divas, The Eccentrics , The Candy Girls, The Rebels and The Chameleon. I didn't even know there were so many categories of style.
What I really like about this book besides the abundant supply of photos, is that it has a great mixture of women. It doesn't just show all the women you would expect in a book like this i.e Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jackie O, this book also has modern women, such as Scarlett Johansson, Bjork and Carrie Bradshaw.
Its quite informative as I think it introduces you to allot of different types of women, who I think not only made an impact in the fashion world with their style but on the world of their chosen professions with their talent. There are Artists, Sports women and Entrepreneurs featured in this book as well as Actresses, Singers and Designers.
I found out some interesting facts about some of my favourite style icons and was introduced to some new ones.
If you are interested in style this is the book for you!

Friday, 26 February 2010

Small Make Up Haul

A few weeks ago I ordered some products from They are usually very quick with delivery, even though I am in London and they are in the US, but this time, for some reason my package got lost and it never arrived. I contacted the people at non- pareil and they sent me a replacement package fairly promptly! I was very impressed with their customer service and thought it deserved a mention! :o)
But back to the stuff I ordered- as I mentioned it was a small haul, I ordered three NYX Lip Spas, a NYX Cream Lipstick and two Wet and Wild gel eyeliners.
The NYX Lips Spa I brought because I loooove lipbalms, all the better if they are tinted! So out of pure greedness I got three. I wore Vintage today at work to see how it would fair. The colour pay off was pretty good for a lip tint and it was pretty moisturing at first, but as they day went on I felt it did start to dry out my lips abit. I had to put on some regular lipbalm (Bee Kissed)on top in the end which kind of defeats the purpose of it being a 'lip spa'? Which was a shame as I like all the colours I got.
The NYX Cream Lipstick I got was the very popular B52. At first glance I thought it looked like a darker version of NYX Thalia. I haven't had a chance to test it yet so I will keep you posted.
I am very very impressed with the Wet and Wild Gel Liners I got, one in black and the other in eggplant. I wore it for the whole day and it seem to hold up as well as my MAC Blacktrack and at a fraction of the price! Bargain! :o)

Monday, 22 February 2010


Sooooo.... Have you noticed that everyone seems to be blogging, facebooking, twittering or have a website of some description! Well I thought I would give it a go. In recent months I have become rather obsessed with Youtube Beauty channels and as a result have started to gradually build up a collection of cosmetics. As I would never have the confidence or charisma to hold your attention on screen for 7minutes and more, I thought this would be a good way to share things that I find, things I like and things I don't like (all my personal opinion). I already know that this blog won't change your life with its information, educate you a great degree or make you a better person as some other blogs might claim, but I hope you find this blog interesting or at the very least entertaining or maybe even humourous on some levels?