Monday, 20 December 2010

Aveeno- Power of Oats

Its really really cold here in London! Lots of snow and ice on the roads. Once you get to work you wonder if you can make it back home as the transportation is a mess! It took a friend 5 hours to drive home on Saturday, on a normal day the journey would usually be about 30mins!

With all of these things to worry about, dry and irritable skins should not be added to the list!

So I have a recommendation for you!

I have recently discovered Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion! Actually I brought it for my husband - he has really dry skin (have been using it sneakily)! It also gets really irritable now with all this cold dry weather.

Aveeno boasts of using natural ‘active’ ingredients, they include oats and shea butter. Apparently Oats relieves the itchy feeling that is caused by dry skin; it has been a common remedy since the time of Ancient Greeks and Romans. It also cleanses the skin from dirt and oil as well as being quite moisturising. We all know that shea butter is moisturising so that a bonus!

Its fragrance free; very handy for those with sensitive skin. It’s got a very light consistency, non sticky and absorbs in to the skin very quickly. Its states on the packaging that it locks in moisture for over 24 hours- I don’t know about that that but it definitely does make your skin smoother and less irritable. I have also heard quite a few mothers in my office use this on their children. All things considered this is a very family friendly product.

Its very inexpensive, usually about £4.99 for 200ml and can be purchased at supermarkets and pharmacies.

So for these wintery cold days this is what I am reaching for! Try it out!

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Seven Dials Event

Last Thursday, my friend and I skipped our usual Yoga lesson in order to go down to the ‘hidden village’ in Covent Gardens.

A selection of shops there were having 20% off between 5-7pm so how could we say no? We where also not the only ones to brave the cold and wonder down there on Thursday night; according to their website 12,500 of us rushed down there from work to grab a bargain. Some stores even had DJs, champagne or cupcakes to welcome their guests

Amongst the amazing selection of shops my friend and I had one store we had to go to…. and that was MAC. Apparently we were not the only ones that had this idea. We arrived outside MAC around 5.30pm to a small queue that was gathering outside. Why we didn’t think there might have been a queue was beyond me. We queued for about 10 minutes before being allowed to go in and have a wonder, we asked for the things we wanted and then queued for another 10minutes to pay. As the queue was so long it snaked around the products on display giving you more time to try and test more products eventually adding more things to your bag. Great as you won’t be bored while queue but bad for your wallet when you finally reach the counter to pay.

Due to my great sense of timing- not… what I wanted was not part of this 20% off promotion. I wanted a holiday gift set and as it was already ‘discounted’ it could not be discounted again.
So in order to take advantage of this promotion I got a lipstick (Blankety) and a 219 brush (for my sister).

A lady and her tricks Buff and line brush collection
A neat little travel kit that comes with 5 brushes and a neat little tartan bag which I think I will use as a makeup travel bag for brushes. I am quite pleased with all brushes but the 252SE I’m finding slightly scratchy which I was quite disappointed with.

Blankety (Amplified) Lipstick

I was looking for a pinky nude and my friend suggested this lipstick. I am quite pleased with it. Its smooth, creamy and most importantly doesn’t make me look dead!- Cant carry off that look! The best result is if I top it off with a slightly pink lipgloss for a healthier look.

We also spent some time in Bare Escentuals where my friend got herself a starter kit and face primer. They also gave her a small refillable brush as a gift which I thought was quite nice. We managed to pop into a few other shops that night before heading home.

Despite the cold I thought it was a super night! Nothing better that shopping with one of your besties! Lol

Monday, 15 November 2010

A Day of Fashion

Daring and modern

Yesterday was a miserable day- it was cold, wet and windy…but amazingly I had a fabulous time.

My sister and I along with one of our best friends decided to see some fashion exhibitions that had just opened up in London. Even though rain and wind was predicted we braved it out via tube- crazy I know.

After a spot of lunch at a charming Italian haunt in Chalk Farm we continued onto Moorgate where our first stop was to be Future Beauty at the Barbican. This exhibition was showing 30 years of Japanese Fashion, acclaimed Japanese Fashion Designers such as Yohji Yamamoto, Issey Miyake and Rei Kawakubo had pieces displayed as part of this exhibition.

The Barbican has a wonderful space to display these great pieces and I feel has the amazing ability to emit a cold and futuristic atmosphere making the perfect temporary home for the clothes.

I find it amazing how a piece designed 30- 40 years ago could still look so modern now. The ultramodern impression was created by the minimal lines, the material and the colour choices.

Although not really my cup of tea it was definitely worth a wonder.

Dior’s Very Talented BFF- Rene Gruau

Our second stop was Somerset House to see Rene Gruau and the Line of Beauty. This turned into my favourite part of the day.

Gruau worked with Dior on many of his perfume campaigns and created some of the most iconic images in the fashion world. His illustrations are instantly recognizable and have in my opinion influence many future advertisement campaigns. He captures a time of elegance and style with his simple lines and bold colour choice. I feel that there is a lot of suggestion in his illustrations which leave the mind free to imagine the rest of the story… a very difficult thing to do in my opinion.

Gruau and Dior met at a French fashion newspaper, le Figaro in 1936, started the working together in 1947 and Gruau continued to work for the House of Dior until the 1980s. Both had very similar ideas of fashion and worked well together, creating some of the most memorable and iconic images in fashion. Many express that Dior and Gruau found a kindred spirit within each other or as I would put it they were BFFs.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Bring on the ‘Big Freeze’!

After the horrendous winter last year I had decided that I had to be prepared this year! To combat the unpredictable British weather I decided that the best way to survive was to get myself a Down Jacket!

Down is the finest layer of feather on birds, it is found under the heavier, bigger feathers of a bird. It has better thermal abilities and if used as padding is less bulky then feathers. Considering that duvets are made from this I thought that this would be the ideal choice for protecting me this winter.

With the Down jacket there is always the fear of looking like the Michelin Man or someone who literally wear their duvet out! Everyone wants the warmth without the bulk as my friend puts it. After weeks of research and trawling over the internet, I found my perfectly formed, slimline Down Jacket in Zara!

It has a huge hood -on the off chance I might use it. It is black which I find slimming and a belt that cinches in so it shows I have a waist. My favourite thing about it is that it is soooo thin! The coat is made from 80% Down and 20% feather, as the down is so fine it lessens the bulk as apposed to if the coat was made from a higher percentage of feather. The coat has a cute squared pattern sewn all over it ensure the Down and feathers stay in place and don’t sink to the bottom. So more warmth and less bulk! A down jacket that is… dare I say it …flattering!

Now all I need is cold weather!

Bring on the snow! I’m ready for you.

Monday, 20 September 2010

When to Put the Costume Jewellery Away?

I had a lovely Sunday with my mum. We had lunch, chatted and then walked around window shopping when I saw a very cute ring in Topshop. It was chained ring, so two rings linked together with a pattern across both of them. It was gold, not something I would usually go for but the design I thought was quite different. As my mum was with me I asked for her opinion, she is usually very good at voicing her opinion on what I wear. And in true mum style –no holding back, she expressed her opinion…just not the way I was expecting.

‘ Oh that ring…. errr… you know… at your age you should really start wearing real jewellery and not costume…’

Needless to say I didn’t get that ring. I didn’t actually buy anything that day.

My sister’s opinion is that my mum thought the style of the ring was too young for me and not really the fact that it was costume? But after that experience- I have started to reconsider what I should buy.

At the age of 29- I was not expecting someone to use the phase- ‘at your age’. I guess maybe I should as my friend pointed out fondly ‘start wearing the gold chains and jade’ like the cute little oriental ladies I see.

Granted, after a certain age the style of your clothes, bags and jewellery should change and will change. But will this change happen gradually according to your taste or will one day -like me- will you have the traumatic experience of someone telling you that certain things are not right for you anymore? I still think that that ring is quite cute and that I could as the common phase goes ‘get away with it’! Evidently this thought is not shared by all.

So when is it time to put the costume jewellery away?

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Vivienne Westwood Shoes Exhibition

Vivienne Westwood in my opinion is renowned for her dramatic flare. Her spectacular gowns always reminds me of ‘once upon time…’ costumes but in order for the gown to have this effect she uses amazing tailoring.

Previously I had always thought that Westwood was far too theatrical for me. There was no practicality to her clothes. I mean who would wear this stuff? I was never a fan… that was until I saw an exhibition of her clothes in the Victoria and Albert Museum a couple of years ago. The exhibition displayed a whole catalogue of her clothes from the 70s onward. It was here that I discovered the amazing work that goes into one of her pieces! The design, the tailoring the fabric, I was left in awe.

You could imagine my excitement when a friend of mine told me that Selfridges was going to be displaying a whole array of Westwood designed shoes. Shopping and shoes, what could go wrong?

The shoes are being displayed in the Ultra Lounge in Selfridges (escalator down and follow the signs). The room is dark with display units lit up to show off all the shoes, making a striking impression. There are men and women shoe collections on show, some designs shocking, some unusual and others were amazingly quite wearable but all were distinctively ‘Westwood’. The infamous purple platforms which made Naomi Campbell fall in a fit of giggles is among the shoes on display.

I would recommend taking a peek if you happen to be in town, it is free and in my opinion the collection is quite big. If you don’t like it you could always wonder round Selfridges to see if you could pick up a bargain?

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

I have an Angel hidden in my purse.

Like most girls I have a handbag obsession, cheap ones, expensive ones, big ones, small ones I have them all! As many girls are aware especially with big handbags, when you’re sitting in a coffee shop having a quick coffee with your mates you need to find somewhere to put your handbag. As hooking it on the back of your chair is particularly unwise (I would know I have had my handbag stolen this way) we usually end up putting in on our laps or sitting against it like a cushion. For others the usual practice is putting your bag on the floor in front of you!

I have brought a fairly expensive handbag recently and would never dream of putting it on the floor! So unless I want to hug it for an hour or sit on it like a cushion I need to put it somewhere. Some girls usually put it on an empty chair beside them but at busy coffee houses where are you going to find an empty chair?

I luckily had a solution! It came in a small black pouch and was small and sparkly, it even doubled up as a small compact- it was my little purse angel. It is such an ingenious little thing!

My Purse Angel has a shoe in the top and flips open to expose its small mirror. Handy right! What is even more handy is that on the other side it has a small rubber pad that can grip onto any type of table surface, wood, glass etc. The hook is wrapped neatly around the compact and comes away to transform into the hook you see in the photo.

If you’re wondering if it can really hold your bag- I can tell you that I tested it yesterday on my office desk (wooden) and it held my Mitzy for a good 8 hours. As you can see my bag is quite big and heavy and still manages to stay off the floor for a whole day.

My Purse Angel cost me about £15, you might be thinking it’s a bit expensive for a hook but whats £15 compared to keeping you new £500 bag clean? Right!

I don’t think I will leave home without mine!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

False nails- Fashion No No? I don’t know?

What is the first thing you think about when someone mentions False nails? ‘Janice from Friends’ maybe? I’m almost certain that it will not be elegant and sophisticated. What a negative image to shake off. But are we being too harsh?

I was in Guangzhou a few weeks ago and I picked up a few False nails. They had fun 3D patterns as well as the more wearable French Tip. They were also very cheap so why not- right. Shouldn’t write it off until you’ve tried it.

The nails come in a pack of 24, with different sizes so you’ll be able to find a good match for all ten of your nails. The box also holds a 2g tube of pink nail glue. I was very impressed with the strength of the glue once on- the nail felt very sturdy. To ease myself (and others around me- err mainly my hubby) into it, I decided to try the Classic French Tip. The colouring of the nails I brought were surprisingly very naturally. The length which I was most worried about was a Goldilocks length- not too long and not too short!

For the real test- after pressing them all on- I went out to meet my friends for lunch. Having something stuck on your nails does take some getting used to- using you phone and putting your hand inside your handbag required a bit more thought than normal. lol There was also the constant fear that one might pop off while I was digging into my Flourless Chocolate Cake. The small tube of pink nail glue was tucked safely away in my handbag for just that kind of emergency, but lucky it remained in my handbag untouched all afternoon.

My friends were all quite surprised at how natural they looked, I think the stereotypes of false nails were still quite vivid in there minds before I showed them mine.

Not a thing for everyone, False nails are of an acquired taste. Before using them I would have said that they were not for me but now after using them, you could say I have been converted. The convenience is the major plus – if you need to go out in the evening and had no time to do your nails these are the perfect solution. If you’re more daring then me, there are a whole array of styles you could choose from. I particularly like the 3D Japanese style nails you occasionally find.

Like I said at the beginning – shouldn’t write it off until you’ve tried it!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Nail Polish Remover Wipes- do they work?

How are we all?

Soooo ....

This week I was wearing the lovely Lilac from Barry M- great nail polish by the way. I got 2 nail polishes for £5 at Boots- bargain. Yes... anyway it got to the stage where it was time to let my nails breathe a bit and it needed to come off.

My sister had recommended Cutex Moisture Guard Nail Polish Remover Wipes. They come in this pack of 5 and are individually wrapped tissues soaked in nail polish remover. Apparently ‘one tissue is enough to remove nail polish from all ten nails’ fab...... right?

To be honest I had huge expectations for this. I mean on the packaging it said ‘ideal for handbag and travel’. It would be so convenient to just drop it in a handbag or make up bag instead of the whole bottle of remover, not forgetting the numerous cotton pads you need soak do all ten fingers.

Well there I was in front of the TV watching True Blood (yes I watch that) trying out this wipe. When I took out the tissue from the sachet it did look a bit small but sometimes looks can be deceiving. But my first impressing was right- it was too small, this wipe only managed to clean 8 fingers! It just seem to kinda dry up. In the end I had to get out my bottle of remover and cotton pads. I can say that my fingers weren’t particularly big, actually the surface of my nails are quite small plus Barry M’s Lilac was not as opaque as some other nail polishes I have tried, I mean I only had 2 coats on!

I was not impressed!

If I wasn’t at home and only had one sachet I could have been walking around with three lilac nails while all the other ones were naked for the rest of the weekend.

Maybe this type of wipe would be quite good if you wear quite transparent colours- more opaque block colours are not suitable for this type of wipe? I guess it back to the bottle for me! lol

Saturday, 24 July 2010

My Nica Large Dee Dee Tote Arrived!

Do you like my mirror! its just to hid my address. lol

Hello hello!


It was Wednesday and the most annoying thing arrived! It not junk mail, it not even bills!’s was a notice from Royal Mail to tell you that you have missed a delivery of a parcel. Yes people this is the most annoying thing that could leaves you thinking about the parcel for days until it gets to the weekend when you finally have time to go to the post office and pick it up!

Today is Saturday and I can finally go pick up my Parcel from Nica. Nica was having a sale and I thought I deserved yet another new bag. Its terrible I cant even muster up an good excuse to justify it. But anyway, the Dee Dee tote comes in 6 colours, (white, yellow, green, pink, black and taupe grey) and I think it was three sizes (small, medium and large), I got the large one in Taupe Grey.

Its comes with a strap so you could also wear it across the body. It’s made of synthetic leather, so no leather smell i’m afraid, but that also means it a bit lighter than real leather. It has two large side pockets, perfect for slipping in your phone or your travel pass. If you lift up the middle buckle, there is also a discreet pocket there too! It has very cute fabric as the lining; there are two slits in the front that exposed the lining when the bag is a little fuller, very nice touch in my opinion. And not forgetting the Nica Charm that comes with the bag....cute, it will be even cuter when I put my Hello Kitty charm on to accompany it. 

And it’s come just in time for me to wear when i go out tonight with my friends.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Sleek Make Up- Divine Mineral Based Eyeshadow Palette

Hello people – how are we all?


I went out on Sunday and decided that I would try out my new Eyeshadow Palette from Sleek Make Up (The Original 594).

I had such drama getting hold of this. This Divine Eye Shadow Palette was actually part of the goodie bag that I brought while I was in the Clothes Show London a few Sundays ago. The deal of the day was to select the palette that you wanted and in the bag it would come with a Highlighter (Bronze Baby), a Pout Polish (Electro Peach #946- it smells of sweets), a Travel Make Up Brush Kit, Eyelashes and a Tube Card Case all for £10. Good deal right! When they gave me my bag it was sealed and to prevent myself loosing anything I mustered all my will power and self control not to open it until I got home- smart huh!..........NOT!

When I finally got home and opened my bag- the people at Sleek had left out my Palette! Arghhhhhhh!! You should have seen my face. It was not pretty!

I went straight to my computer and wrote a very angry email to Sleek! I received a reply from them the next morning and was told I would receive my palette in the post very soon. I think it took a week to get to me, but I was very please all the same! Well that was until I used it on Sunday......

I used the pretty gold colour on the bottom left corner- just a like dusting. Unfortunately that meant there was not much colour but a lot of chucky glitter fall out! It was on the brush, on my cheek and just be low my eye- so everywhere apart from where I wanted it to be. I was kind of disappointed, I was very please with the palette’s range of colour! There were a few bright colours on the top row I had intended to use as accent colours on my lower lash line but with the glitter fall this might not be possible.

While swatching the colours I have notice the shadows show up best when foiled (wet) but this doesn’t really calm the glitter down.

I going to experiment and make this work! I mean I brought it now! I’ll let you know how I get on!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

HoT HoT HoT!

Is it hot hot hot where you are?

We seem to be having a mini heatwave in London! I was wearing shorts and sitting in the car today. Got stuck in traffic so my thighs were getting fried! Then to my horror when I was watching the World Cup Final this evening, stretching my legs out I noticed that my thighs were a slightly darker shade then the rest of my legs! Ai.....

Anyway... back to what I really wanted to talk about...

Sooo... Its really really hot outside you have to go out... do you really want to do that with a face full of makeup? I’m thinking not!

What is the easiest way to look polished and still feel comfortable? How about some tinted lip balm?

Its give you just the right amount of shine, it feels good on your lips. Most even have a SPF factor and you instantly look more awake and lets say...‘with it’. 

Depending on the colour of you lip balm it could also add some colour to your cheeks, saving you the hassle of blush! Slap on some mascara and you’re good to go! Looking fresh, not cakey and lets say, no danger of melting! ;)

From the right, Peachy Lip balm, has the most amazing scent! seriously, you could eat it, then its a tinted balm from Mayballine, one from Nivea, both give off a fantastic colour! The last two are lighter shades od pink and red, one is cherry scented and the other is raspberry, both from Watsons, which is a Hong Kong Pharmacy.

I recently went to China and picked up a few tinted lip balms (couldn’t help it- they were soooo cheap). They range a bit in colour, some are light pink others look like deep reds. The ones that have a deeper colour in my opinion look better as they brighten up your face. The lighter ones give you more shine with a slight hint of colour.

Take a look at the link – there is a wide range of lip care products here.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Clothes Show London Earls Court

Hello Hello!

Yes...... it has been ages and ages since I have written anything! Do I have a good excuse besides being incredibly busy? Errrr no. Sorry.


I just want to let every one know about this amazing event that I went to last weekend. You might have seen the advertisements around for The Clothes Show taking place in Earls Court London. I went with my sister and had a Fab time. The tickets we got included very good seats to see the catwalk show which include dancers and models. This year the show had a theme of the great fashion capitals of the world. The show had some amazing clothes this year along with some outstanding dancers.

My sister and I saw the show quite early hence having the rest of the time to shop, shop and shop.

Once out of the show you go in to the exhibition hall, where there are loads of stalls selling all things girly, make up, clothes bags, spa treatment blah blah blah These stalls are surrounded by hundreds of ladies walking around with thousands of bags, some goodie bags and some are bags full of goodies they brought. We saw our show at 11am then came out about 12pm, we got a quick bite and commenced with what we had to! After a good effort and 4 hours of walking round we left about 4.30pm; 20 bags heavier and looking very very pleased with ourselves. Some photos to prove it. Haha

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Great Ideas from Superdrug!!

I was surfing online last weekend on the Superdrug website and then discovered totally by accident they has a new range of make up- MUA- Make up Academy. They have introduced this range where everything is £1. Yes people ‘everything is £1’. This includes lip gloss, lipstick, eye shadow, eyeliner, nail polish etc. So... of course... after seeing that I had to get something.

The next day I went to my local Superdrug and went to check it out. My local Superdrug was pretty well stocked! I had a look at the products. The range of colour in the nail polish section is very good, 20 colours! Not bad for a small range! Lipsticks on the other hand did not have such a big variety. I think there was only 4 colours, their lipsticks were also not as pigmented as you would like. Eyeliner and eye shadow also have a lot of choices. They also have face powder and blushes too but I didn’t have enough time to look at them closely.

After mulling over everything for a long time, I brought 4 things.

Liquid eyeliner- shade 5

I wore it the next day to work. I didn’t like the brush- actually that is an understatement- I hated that brush. It was so stiff, didn’t pick up enough product so I had to keep dipping it back in the bottle. It was also hard- felt really horrible when applying. The eyeliner itself was ok, it didn’t flake, but I just kept expecting it to.

Eye shadow- shade 20

Black- very pigmented- perfect for putting over pencil or gel-liner- what more do you want for £! 

Nail poilish- shade 18

I got a very light pink shade so I had to put three coats on to get the colour right. But once on it’s seems to be ok. I have worn it for two days and it seems fine so far. The bottle is 6ml which is not bad considering Barry M is 10ml for about £2.60.

Lip gloss- shade 4

Colour is amazing. It’s quite a deep pink with a more complex sheen – this could be due to the gold flexes in the gloss. It is not sticky on the lips or drying and most importantly; as my sister points out, it doesn’t smell weird!

The only thing that I don’t like about this range is that they only name the shades by numbers and not names. All in all MUA is good value for money! If you want to try new colours out and don’t want to spend a bomb, then you should check out your local Superdrug.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

New Obsession!

It’s been ages don’t you think? Why has it been ages since I have done a new post. Well it’s all because I have this new obsession! I am always on it looking at what new things have been posted up! Is it a new blogspot? Is it a new guru to watch on you tube? No! Its ...ebay! Ai.....

Yes I know it’s been around for ages! But I have only just discovered it! Why you may ask- well... I was like most people very aware of the stigma that was attached to ebay – it is full of used things or worse fake things.... why would anyone buy things from there but if you take a bit longer and look you could bag yourself a bargain! 

I think it started about two weeks ago, I was walking to work and I saw a lady carrying this gorgeous tan eyelet detailed leather handbag! I had to have it! So when I went home that night I did what every girl would do I ‘googled’ it! I had no idea what brand or shop it was from but I really really wanted it so I just typed in everything I could think of...’tan leather bag’...’eyelet detailed leather bag’...’big beautiful hangbag’... you get the picture. But I came up with nothing! Well almost nothing. I was redirected by google to ebay, where I discovered a whole array of handbags! Yes any type you could think of, big, small, leather, canvas, used, unused... so this is where it all started. Lol

I ended up getting two handbags from ebay, neither of them was the tan eyelet detailed leather handbag i was looking for originally lol. One was an absolute bargain even my husband said I should bid for it. It was a suede handbag with two zip pockets and gold details. It was brand new and cost me £4.99.

My second bag was more of an impulse buy, its a brown leather handbag. The perfect size, not too big, not too small. Not entirely new as it was used twice by its owner but still in great condition. This one was £20.

The other absolute thrill about ebay is the bidding. It’s very exciting, you have to be quite strategic and its totally addictive! Lol